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Web Accessibility.

  • Simplified WCAG 2.1 AA & ADA compliance.
  • Effortless installation on any website.
  • Expanded reach & potential SEO boost.
  • Reduced legal risk.
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98% of websites aren't accessible.
What about yours?

Leave your competitors in the dust while fortifying your business from legal risk and offering an inclusive experience to all.

Accessibility Toolbar

  • Embed on as many or as few of your web pages as you wish.
  • WCAG-compliant color contrast adjustments.
  • Built-in screen reader.
  • Seizure-safe mode.

Smart Audits

  • You can't fix what you can't measure.
  • Get your website's accessibility score.
  • Gain actionable suggestions.
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A "do-it-for-me"
option keeping
you in control.

Page Speaker is highly flexible and can be easily adjusted to best meet the unique needs of your business.

Seamless integration,
with any site.

Wordpress? Shopify? Static site?
It takes just two steps to install Page Speaker on any website!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I install Page Speaker on my website?

    You sure can! Page Speaker installs on any website, and specific guides for popular platforms are available on our integrations page. Can't find yours? We'll add it!

  2. Will Page Speaker slow down my site?

    Nope! Page Speaker loads in the background and lazily renders images. Its processes consume very little CPU. Your website's speed will be virtually unaffected.

  3. I need more firepower. Can we discuss a custom plan?

    Yes! We're always happy to discuss higher volume plans and strategies that are more tailored to your business. Just drop us a line at our contact form any time.

  4. Do you offer annual or lifetime plans?

    We offer annual plans year-round and if you hop on them, you'll save 16%. We might offer lifetime plans for our Standard Edition from time to time on software deal sites.

  5. What level of WCAG compliance will Page Speaker provide me?

    Page Speaker usually provides Level A or Level AA WCAG 2.1 compliance out-of-the-box. Smart Audits even provide custom instructions for offering Level AAA compliance and beyond.

  6. Am I really shielded from all legal risk?

    We can't make any absolute promises, but you will be signficantly more protected against future web accessibility lawsuits and able to mitigate ongoing ones.

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It's cheaper than fighting
an accessibility lawsuit.

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