ACA Compliance Simplified For Canadian Businesses.

All about the Accessibility Canada Act.

What is ACA compliance?

The ACA (Accessibility Canada Act) is a Canadian federal law mandating several accessibility standards (including web accessibility standards) in certain fields.

It is strictly enforced with severe repercussions for non-compliance but it only applies to a relatively small, specific handful of entities.

Who must comply with the ACA?

Compliance with the ACA is generally not required to do online business in Canada.

The ACA does not apply to most websites - whether domestic or foreign.

But it does apply to "federally regulated" sectors such as banking, in addition to the public sector.

The scope of the legislation extends beyond web accessibility, but it is the only part we cover here and can help you with.

Risks of Non-Compliance

If your Canadian business does operate in the handful of industries targeted by the ACA, you may face relatively severe consequences if your digital technology is inaccessible. This includes your websites, apps, and other digital platforms.

There are different levels of violation severity, but successful cases usually result in a fine, which varies depending on the level of severity.

Want us to help?

We offer smart audits to provide insights into your progress towards compliance with the ACA and other major standards.

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