Meet Our Private
Web Accessibility API.

Available to agency and certain custom plans,
our private API provides limitless possibilities.


In order to access the Page Speaker API, you must provide your authentication key.

If you have an agency or eligible custom plan, your authentication key is available in your dashboard, under "API", as shown in the picture below.

Remember to keep your API key secret, just as you would keep your account password secret!

Once you've copied the key to your clipboard, simply append it to the query string of the URL which you would like to request data from.

For example:

More examples are shown in the snippets below.

Have fun, and if you need help, you can always reach out to our developers!

Private API access is not available until after your agency plan free trial.


400: Bad Request

A 400 status code indicates that your request was properly authenticated but invalid. Please refer to the valid operations defined on this page, and ensure that your request URLs are formatted is correctly.

401: Unauthorized

A 403 status code means that your authentication method was unauthorized. Please verify that your API key is correct, authentication is correctly formatted, and subscription is active.

403: Forbidden

A 403 status code means that a request was valid but not properly authenticated (see 403).

429: Too Many Requests

If you are making more than two requests per second, the rate-limit will slow you down. If you need your rate-limit increased, please don't hesitate to contact us.

500: Internal Service Error

500 errors are due to generic issues on our end. We will be automatically notified of the issue and respond as soon as possible.

503: Service Unavailable

This is likely due to a rare, brief blip of system upgrades or maintenance.


If there is some other kind of issue, despite a properly authenticated and formatted request, it is likely because our servers are offline or unreachable. In the very rare case of the former, we will be automatically notified of the issue and respond as soon as possible.

Remember, you are always more than welcome to reach out to our developers if you need help with any of this!

Spend less time on compliance, and more time building.

Page Speaker is very easy to install and works right alongside your favorite development frameworks and CMS platforms.